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Hotel Dei Cavalieri - Milano Duomo
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Velasca Hall

30 guests / 50 m² / 5.78 x 12 x 2.70 m / 1st floor

The Velasca Room is on the first floor of the Hotel in The Square. The room is rectangular in shape and has plenty of natural light thanks to its large, soundproof windows, making it a pleasant location in which meetings can take on privacy and elegance.

The Velasca room is equipped with a 90-inch plasma screen, touch screen and full HD that can be connected by HDMI or VGA cable, audio system with freeze or fixed microphones and lights.

Internet connection is free of charge.

Velasca Hall 5

Equipment included

  • Free internet access
  • 90-inch plasma touchscreen
  • Fixed microphones
  • Flip chart
  • Event signage printing

Paying equipment

  • Secure cloakroom
  • Hostess service
  • Audio/video recording
  • Technical assistance
  • Floral decorations
Velasca Hall 6
Velasca Hall 7


  • Velasca Hall 12 Buffet
  • Velasca Hall 13 Tavolo Unico
  • Velasca Hall 14 U
  • Velasca Hall 15 Platea
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  • 15
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  • 40

Special prepaid - Not refundable with our rich buffet breakfast includ...

Stay a few steps away from the Duomo Cathedral and the shopping district and start your day with a rich and delicious breakfast
Special prepaid - Not refundable with our rich buffet breakfast included